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The Carbon Boycott

The Carbon Boycott
A Path to Freedom from Fossil Fuels
McFarland Publishing Company 2020
ISBN: 9781476682839

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My most recent book. Reducing carbon emissions is not enough - according to the best science in the world, all emissions must be eliminated by 2050.  Why do the oil companies, coal companies, and utilities keep producing more carbon fuel?  Because we keep buying it.  Every time we throw a light witch or stop at the pump we are sending signals into the economy for more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and more climate chaos  But how are we going to heat our homes and drive to work?  How will we keep the lights on and power the refrigerator?

We're running our of time, but we must use the time we are running out of.  We can't make the changes tomorrow morning and we can't make them on our own.  We have to make long-term permanent behavior changes over the next 10, 20, 30 years and we have to organize with friends into support groups with the muscle power to overhaul energy markets and local government.  This is the first truly global crisis that humanity has ever faced:  Think globally; act locally!