The Quantum Screen
The Enigmas of Modern Physics and the new model of Perceptual Consciousness

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The quantum screen is everything you see, smell, taste, hear, and touch.  Like the pixel screen of a computer or a television, the quantum screen is perceptual consciousness as a whole.  Each pixel is a tiny bit of energy, or quantum, and physical objects are patterns of quanta.  But unlike a pixel screen, the quantum screen is not in space, or in time; space and time are in it.  Dimensions are structures of consciousness that integrate information from five distinct sensory realms into a single picture we call the physical world.

The primary difference between the quantum screenand the commonsense view that space and time are external to consciousness is that the screen does not require the existence of material substance.  Matter may exist, or may not, in objects when they are not perceived; there is no way to know because no one has experienced matter outside of perception.  In the common sense view, matter has to exist in objects to explain why we touch them where we see or hear them.  On the screen, however, we touch objects where we see or hear them because that is how the screen is constructed. Each dimension is a potential for actual sensory information, and space-time as a whole is the inter-coordinated potential for perceptual consciousness as a whole. The space-time structure of the Screen makes the physical world seem material: where and when we actuallyperceive an object in any sensory realm is where and when we potentially perceive it in any realm.  Matter is an unnecessary assumption.  

The quantum screen model for perceptual consciousness does not change what we see; it changes how we see it.  It says something different about the world and about being alive.  It shows that the physical world is not separate from being alive.  This is an essential insight for understanding what physical science has been saying for over a century, and for understanding how humanity is evolving, with the physical world, into a form of life that has not yet existed.